Playing with Soft Box Lights - Samantha

Sunday, May 6, 2012 3 comments
Firstly I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I posted, I am hoping to set aside some time each Sunday to show you what I have been up too.

This week I have played with my new Softbox lights and thought I would share the difference between flash and softbox photos so you can see how nice the softbox light is.

I inherited the doll from my Nan and decided that it was the closest thing I had to an actual person, so I am sorry if it looks a little creepy :-)

I have got 3 examples of light and I will give a breif explanation of how I got the results.

This first image was taken with the flash built into my camera, while it does illuminate the subject, I feel that the light it emits is very harsh and has washed my subject out.

Image 2 is with a single 30w bulb in the softbox, the white balance was set to 5500k, this was probably a little high, however I like the way that the light has softened the subject a little bit.

This 3rd picture was a "I wonder what would happen if" shot, I increased the white balance to 8000k, as you can see it has given off a yellower tinge to the image, still using the softbox to light the subject.

None of these images have been enhanced in Lightroom or Photoshop in any way, I like that when using the softbox I can get a really soft light, if I had set up the shot/lighting further I could have used a reflector to bounce the light off the softbox and light the subjects face which is furtherest from the light......hmmm perhaps something to try??

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  • @GNN said...

    I love how the 3 photos are so different and you explain it so well. My daughter at highschool was struggling with this last week trying to shoot her scuplture so will pass it on. Cheers.