Challenge #1 - Macro/Close-up - Evette

Saturday, September 18, 2010 6 comments
I don't have a Macro Lens so I just use a close-up and then crop in tight for Macro effect.
Oh, how I would LOVE a Macro lens!

Caught the seed just as the wind blew it off!


  • Anonymous said...

    WOW!! Look at the detail on the bee's back. This is such a beautiful shot. I love the contrast between the colour of the bee and the beautiful flowers

  • Anonymous said...

    You guys are doing great Macro shots.....FAIL on my part I need to get busy with my camera, except every time I pick it up it RAINS!!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Ya, here is my contribution for this assignment - a bit late I know. I will do my best to catch up... Yay x