Challenge #31 - Alphabet "E" - Angela

'E' is for Elephant 'E' is for Exhausted

Challenge #30 - Alphabet "D" - Evette

I found these beauties in my neighbours garden this morning and had to sneak over to take a few hurried photo's. I love the colours of s...

Challenge #30 - Alphabet 'D' - Angela

'D' is for Dawn 'D' is for Dandelion 'D' is Daffodil                                 

Challenge # 29 - Alphabet Challenge 'C' - Samantha

C is for City Gosh!!!  I really had to dig through the archives to find this one, especially because my name is no longer Sam...

Challenge # 28 - Alphabet Challenge 'B' - Samantha

B is for Bloomed 

Life in Pictures...

    Monarch Butterfly waiting to break through ..

Challenge # 29 - Alphabet Challenge 'C' - Evette

C is for Climber

Challenge # 28 - Alphabet Challenge 'B' - Evette

B is for Black and White B is for Beach B is for Baby

Challenge #29 - Alphabet Challenge "C" - Angela

'C' is for Church 'C' is for Christmas 'C' is for Clouds                                               ...

Shadow Shot Sunday..

 Shadows and Lens Flare...  First time entry for our new blog 2Daughters 1Mother 3Cameras.....                                   http:...

Challenge #28 - Alphabet Challenge "B" - Angela

It's time for another Alphabet Challenge, please feel free to join us, leave a comment on one of our posts to let us know that you have ...

Challenge # 27 - Alphabet Challenge "A" - Samantha

A is for adolescent.