Challenge #18 - Your Street - Angela

Sunday, March 6, 2011 4 comments
At the top end of my street there is the local cemetary, and as a complete contrast near the end of the street there is the local primary school..


  • Inger-M said...

    Your street and neighborhood looks really nice!
    Love the first one, great composition, lines, color and texture.
    Cemeteries can offer some interesting photo opportunities, and you have captured a very nice, tranquil one here.
    I also love the rugged old tree stem. The coarse texture, and the lovely moss that grows on it, in beautiful shades of green and gray.
    Nice bokeh!
    Really cheerful kindergarden art!
    The final one is interesting. Is it your house we're seeing through the peep hole? It looks very nice!
    Good series of photos, Angela!

    I'll be there with my post soon. Just hoping for the rain to clear up so the area doesn't look just gray :-)

  • nana_ang_poppaphil said...

    Hi Inger, the last shot was taken at the school through the hole in the playground tunnel looking up to the school buildings and the shade sail where the kids sit during their break.