Camera Club June - Angela

Friday, June 15, 2012 1 comments
Last year I took a huge leap and joined our local Camera Club, partly to be amongst like minded photography people and to learn...

Each month we meet and a guest judge gives constructive criticism on our photos. We always have a set subject and an open section and we can enter in both sections or in only one if we want.

The judge marks your photos from the lowest  entry level, then merit, highly commended and honours.

This month my images all received Highly Commended, with one of my images titled 'Bridesmaids' coming very close to Honours. The comment from the judge was that the image had a little too much white sky in the corners and it detracted from the overall look of the subjects...

See that white sky, if I cropped the photo down and made it more of a panorama, I would have received honours. The good thing was the the judge gave the 'Bridesmaids' image a special prize for being the best overall entry from those that did not get honours. I'm happy with that..

My other entries were  -

People in the City - Catching up for a chat

Open Entry - Afternoon reflection..

Next Month - Set Subject is 'On the Menu'  Food
                       Open any photo you want to show


  • Evette Mendisabal said...

    That's AWESOME about your photo Mum!! I'm glad you shared them on here, it's nice to see that shot's you're entering and the results you're getting too. I'm so proud of you for taking the leap and getting into photography!! You do such amazing work!