Challenge #8 - Lens Flare

Monday, November 8, 2010 0 comments
Sunday marks the beginning of challenge #8 - Lens Flare. Lens Flare are the spots of light that go from one side of an image to the other when the image is captured facing into the sun. Traditionally Lens Flare was considered to be a sign of bad photography, but recently it has become a popular look in portrait and family photography.

Here is Lens Flare explained;
Lens Flare is particularly caused by a very bright light sources either in the image – which produces visible artifacts – or shining into the lens but not in the image – which produces a haze. Most commonly, this occurs when shooting into the sun (when the sun is in frame or the lens is pointed in the direction of the sun), and is reduced by using a lens hood or other shade.
Deliberate Use
A lens flare is often deliberately used to invoke a sense of drama. A lens flare is also useful when added to an artificial or modified image composition because it adds a sense of realism, implying that the image is an un-edited original photograph of a "real life" scene.

Here is a sample shot of Lens Flare:

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