Challenge # 7 Lens Flare - Samantha

Friday, November 12, 2010 5 comments
I found this one a bit hard, expecially when we I didnt have a lot of sunlight at the times I wanted to get the shots, so I had to dig through my archives and I found this shot of my friend Karina.


  • Anonymous said...

    Hello Ladies,

    Yeah I had a bit of trouble with this one too... every time I had a spare min the sun wasn't out or I didn't have my camera with me... doh.
    But managed to take a couple of shots yest. evening.

    Here are my shots:

  • Anonymous said...

    Great shots all... however I can't see Aunt Ange's anymore... I briefly saw them when I posted my other comment and then I went back to take a better look and I can't seem to find them :-(
    Sam - I like the balance and the line created of the sun hitting the hair and then the lens flair.
    Evette - Looks like you really enjoyed this challenge and had loads of sunshine to work with. Loving the 3rd shot!