Looking Forward to Challenge #3 - Architecture

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 1 comments
Our third challenge is going to begin on Sunday, but here is Architectural Photography explained. A little more food for thought as you continue taking your Bokeh shots.

Based on the concept of capturing architecture in its most perfect form for posterity, architectural photography is marriage of photographic skill, technical aptitude, artistic vision and whimsical thinking. Often using multiple exposures of the same image, architectural photography blends the "best of the best" to create a visual oasis and an architectural utopia for the structurally excitable. Architectural photography at its best will convey the experience of being in and around a built environment. Some rules to follow when capturing architecture on film are:
  • Give Old Buildings Some Space
  • Step Back and Use a Telephoto Lens
  • Include the Fence
  • Shoot Head On Until Morning
  • Watch for Shadows
  • Watch the Weather
  • Showcase the Stairs
  • Lead the Viewer
  • Create a Natural Frame
  • Sculpture is Architecture
  • So Are Swimming Pools and Fountains
  • Don't Be Afraid To Light Up
  • Shoot During "Blue Hour"
Since the advent of the DSLR camera much has been said and written about Architectural Photography and its ability to make a healthier space than what truly exists. A good example of this argument is found here [1] and written by photographer Mark Citret.

And another youtube video of some examples of Architectural Photography


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