Challenge #11 Flowers - Samantha

Saturday, December 11, 2010 5 comments
Who doesnt love flowers, I went back through my archive of photos and found a few of my fav's, its getting hard to find time to take photos of things I love so close to christmas and the wedding so I am sorry I have no new material.

Mums Roses are beautiful


  • Anonymous said...

    Hey Great Photos everyone! I am really sorry I haven't been involved of late, I haven't been feeling the best and really tired BECAUSSSSSEEE I am pregnant! Yip #2 is on its way. I have just reached 12 weeks today and hoping that I will start to feel better asap! We are due on the 28th of June. Looking forward to a bit of energy coming back so that I can get back into my hobbies etc.
    Merry Christmas and I hope you all have been enjoying the festive season.
    Kelly xoxoxo